Fiber to The Home Completed Areas

We are happy to announce that we are ready to start installing FTTH in Phelps NY!

Please check back periodically to see if your street is completed.

Completed Streets in Phelps NY:

Kathlyn Ave
Clifton Street
Franklin Street
Banta Street
Mill Street
Jay Street
Needham Street
South Ave
Clearview Drive
Orchard Park
William Street (South)
Park Place
Pleasant Street
Church Street
Pearl Street
Chestnut Street

OTTC also provides WiFi installation and equipment to compliment your high speed connection. Our technicians will analyze your network to determine the optimal location for your new wireless router. This will help ensure you get the coverage you want, throughout your entire house.

We will be releasing maps as we open up streets for orders in our territory. We are completing construction in the Village of Clifton Springs and Phelps soon. Construction outside the villages has begun and Trumansburg, Interlaken and Ovid network designs are being completed and construction starts this month! Visit our Facebook page for build updates as well

Contact us for pricing 866.353.7209 or e-mail!