Bandwidth Calculator

How much bandwidth do you need?

Whether your family is using 1 or 15 devices, it’s important to make sure you have enough bandwidth to operate them. This tool will help you determine which internet speed is best for you. Select the number of devices engaging in each internet activity to calculate your ideal internet speed.

Ideal Bandwidth 0 mbps
+500 mbps
0 mbps

Add Up Your Internet Activity

Select the internet activities that occur simultaneously in your household to determine the speed that is best for you.

  • Basic Web Use

    Including email, basic web use and social media.

  • Media Sharing

    Including sharing photos and videos online.

  • Streaming HD Video

    Streamed from Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

  • File Downloading

    Including downloading and uploading larges files via Dropbox.

  • Streaming Music

    Including music streaming via Pandora, Spotify or iTunes Radio.

  • Video Chat

    Including conferencing or video chat via Skype or Google Hangouts.

  • Online Gaming

  • Cloud Storage


*Speed recommendations are based on providing a good to great internet experience. All internet activities will work at slower internet speeds; however, you will likely experience slower response times, lags and buffering.